How it works

CO2 fractional laser: use 10.6μm invisible light, by the treatment method of non-contact cut, burn, and exposure, the heat will congeal, ablative vaporized, or carbonize the tissues, so as to shorten the operation time, and patients will have less bleeding, healing fast, and greatly enhance anti infectious ability.
Co2 fractional laser therapy combined with topical antifungal was found to be effective in the treatment of onychomycosis.
Laser-assisted drug delivery is an evolving modality that may allow for a greater depth of penetration by topical medications thereby improving their efficacy.

  • American Coherent laser Emitter

    American Coherent laser Emitter

    — 60W High Energy---Penetrate 60 sheets paper
    — Power Stability---Within ±3%
    — Accurate wavelength---10.53um-10.63um
    — Service life--- Over 30 years (8 hours per day)

  • Unique CW & SP Mode

    Unique CW & SP Mode

    — CW: maintaining a relatively low power for extended duration, Shallow penetration
    — SP mode is a series of continuous short duration high peak power pulses.

  • Smart spot technology

    Smart spot technology

    — The microbeams are scanned onto the skin,
    Forms thermal protection zones between lines,
    shortens skin recovery time

  • Laser arm: South Korea  imported

    Laser arm: South Korea imported

    — 7 joint design---Move to any direction
    — Stable optical path--- offset less than 0.5mm
    — Energy stability---More than 95%

  • Spot Shape

    Spot Shape

    — Size adiustable suitable for different treatment area.
    — 8 scan shapes: square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon, round, oval, line, ring
    — 3 scan modes: Sequential, Interlaced, Random


Operation Interface

Divided into 10 treatment modes: cutting, superficial, deep, Combo, stretch mark, onychomycosis, pigment, Resurfacing, Vulva, Gynae.
Suitable for more than 26 treatments with clinical guidance.





— 3-in-1 system for option , easy and convenient for operation

— Wrinkle Removal

— Pigment Removal

— Skin Rejuvenation

— Acne Treatment

— Women Health

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